As a premier interior design company in Dubai we know the ins and out of all the things in interior design. Many things come instinctively to certain people, such as painting, sculpting, or composing music.

For the design team at Milestone, our talents lie in transforming your home interior to your dream space. While many people know what they want from their home, they simply have difficulty realizing their vision.

The daunting responsibility of pulling together a space can become overwhelming. Whether you are designing a single room, renovating an entire villa, or want to give your office a facelift, here are a few tips we’ve learned about interior design to help you conquer your design dreams.


Personalize your space

Your room, home or office can exhibit who you are. If someone were to wander into your villa, they should instantly know that it’s yours.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by including accessories and decor that resonates with your personal hobbies, interests, and travel experiences. Try to include pieces that commemorate your individual style and unique tastes.

Take it one step at a time. Try thinking of your space as an outfit you’re going to wear (you’d be surprised to realize personal styling is very similar decorating a room). Start by taking a look in your closet. What colors stand out?

Do you prefer modern or traditional styles? Are you drawn to lacy ruffles or clean cut, tailored lined? Use your taste in clothing as a style guide for your office or villa. It’s a great first step towards ensuring your space is authentic to your style.

I was in Mumbai for the Kala Ghoda festival in February of 2015. I bought original prints of artist Paul Fernandes who had brought Mumbai to life in a beautiful caricature format.

It was so nice to see all those spaces in which i was brought up and visited often. Strong memories were attached to those spaces. We made a whole gallery of the same in our bar in the living room and called it Mumbai Meri Jaan!

Anyone who lives in Mumbai and has visited often, stands by this gallery each time they visit our home and cherishes those memories!


Don’t forget comfort

Have you ever purchased an item of furniture because it looked fantastic, only to get home and discover that it’s very uncomfortable, or worse yet: it’s useless?

When you think of “home sweet home,” the first words that spring to mind are comfortable and cozy. Making your villa comfy and cozy is a must! Your space should be inviting and comfortable.

I love sitting on these comfortable rocking chairs in my library!


Work with your surroundings

Before tackling an interior design project, it’s essential to know your design constraints and restrictions. For example, can you fit a full sized sofa in your home office? Become familiar with the scope and scale of the room or rooms you are decorating.

Consider your environment and respond to it. Whether you’re in the secluded countryside or the bustling city, it’s wise to take a hint from your environment.

Environmental awareness will help you narrow down your decisions based on the details of your location and space.