Modern day kitchens are the heart of a home today. They set the style for the rest of the house. Gone are the days where a kitchen was hidden away from the rest of the house because of undesirable smells and food-associated clutter.

The kitchen of the future combines beauty and style with function and efficiency. It is a highly visible space and the showpiece of a modern home. Hence, it comes as no surprise that kitchen interior design is one of the most sought after design services in modern homes.

Whether you are moving into a new property or continuing to live in your current home, the kitchen is probably the most used area of the house. Convenience, aesthetics, accessibility, storage, lighting, smell and comfort are some of the most important aspects of a kitchen interior design.

In Dubai, newer properties such as MBR city, Sobha Hartland Greens and Millennium Estates are equipped with state-of-the-art modern kitchens.

However, most of the existing properties in Dubai use very old technologies for kitchens. These kitchens are very basic with the bare minimum facilities. Today, we expect so much more from our kitchens that these outdated technologies can no longer serve us well.


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Upgraded Kitchens Vs. Newly Fitted Kitchens

We demand a lot of our kitchens today. They need to be functional and efficient so that everything you need is easily accessible. At the same time, they need to impress.

Modern kitchen interior design trends favor open-plan kitchens over traditional, enclosed rooms. Therefore, the kitchen is no longer an isolated space; it becomes an integral part of your living and entertainment zone.

Hence, kitchen interior design requires sound knowledge of current technologies as well as intimate knowledge of how a kitchen functions.

If your kitchen doesn’t meet your needs, you have two options:


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Remodelling An Existing Kitchen

If you already have an existing kitchen, but feel that it is dated, you might be looking to upgrade your space.

Upgrades cost less than a new kitchen and generally take less time. However, you are limited by the existing design so there might be restrictions in the improvements you can make. An upgraded kitchen will definitely look good, but may not give you the joy of a newly fitted one.

You can opt to remodel your kitchen in phases if you have budget or time restraints. You may not need to upgrade every item in your kitchen. However, you do want to make sure that the upgrades you choose have the maximum impact for the money spent. Opt for cabinets, countertops and tiles that are clearly visible and have the biggest aesthetic impact.

Choose improvements that will be costly and time-consuming to upgrade later on; do these at the beginning so as to cause minimum interruption and inconvenience later on.

Below are a few upgrades that can change the look and feel of a dated kitchen instantly.


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Since cabinets have a strong presence in any kitchen, it is natural to spruce these up for a more current look.

Paint the exterior facade of the cabinets to instantly uplift the look of your kitchen. Bold colors can make a statement. Combine these with stainless steel fittings for a crisp, modern look.

If this is too avant-garde for your tastes, go with neutral shades. Stick to white, light gray or beige for a stylish look.

If your kitchen has an open-floor plan, make sure that the look you choose for your kitchen complements the color palette and vibe of the rest of your house.


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You can never have enough storage space in your kitchen interior design. Nothing ruins the look of a kitchen like piles of clutter on countertops.

You can upgrade existing storage by adding pull out drawers, spice racks or corner drawers. Consider what you want to store and the size of the containers when remodelling your kitchen.

Go for hidden storage to make your kitchen look neat and organized.



Kitchen floors need to be durable, non-slip, hardy and capable of withstanding spills, stains and heat. A quick way to upgrade flooring is to add new tiles on top of existing ones.

Again, if your kitchen has an open plan, it is essential that the new flooring gels with the rest of the house.


Elements of Kitchen Interior Design

Below, we look at the key elements of kitchen interior design for newly fitted kitchens or upgrades.

Technology plays an important part in kitchen interior design. There are appliances for every possible function from baking and grilling to making coffee. The latest appliances are energy efficient and can help make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Think about the type of food you cook, how often you cook and your level of expertise. This will guide you in the selection of your appliances.

Not all brands are created equal. In our extensive experience with kitchen interior design, we have found the below mentioned brands to be of superior quality in both function as well as aesthetics.

Here, we give you an overview of our three most highly recommended brands for kitchen appliances.



Other improvements that can quickly change the look of an old-fashioned kitchen is replacing backsplash tiles and countertops.

A backsplash is a quick and inexpensive way of enhancing the style of your kitchen. You can find a variety of backsplash designs to suit any style of kitchen from modern, contemporary to traditional or rustic.

Countertops are one of the most visible surfaces in your kitchen. They aren’t just preparation surfaces, but are also great for socializing.

You can enjoy a conversation with friends, cook together or simply enjoy a solitary cup of tea. They need to look pleasing, fit the vibe of your kitchen and be practical to maintain.


Designing A Brand New Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can certainly enhance the beauty and function of an existing kitchen, but rarely compares to a newly fitted kitchen.

You can only experience the bliss of having a totally new kitchen when you really explore options to fulfill your needs. As modern kitchens are multi-functional spaces, you can customize your kitchen interior design to make the most efficient use of your space.

Today we are spoilt for choice. You can choose from an infinite range of decor choices available for color palettes, appliances, countertops, tiling and cabinetry.

The design possibilities for a newly fitted interior kitchen design are limitless!



A German brand known for its commitment to high performance appliances, the Miele Professional line of appliances undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum performance efficiency.

The brand’s commitment to sustainable practises ensures that its products are very efficient in their energy consumption, operating on the lowest possible energy settings.

Miele appliances are fully automated, but come with a variety of customizable controls that you can operate at a single touch, much like a smartphone.

The appliances are intuitively designed and intricately detailed, making it easy for you to use. They are sleek in design, with clean profiles, and are available in different color options.


A worldwide celebrated brand, Gaggenau also originated in Germany, with the manufacture of highly crafted coal and gas-fired stoves. They were pioneers in the built-in kitchen appliance revolution and also brought steam ovens into private homes.

Their appliances are built with exquisite detail and the brand has always remained true to their philosophy of ‘Form follows function’.

Today Gaggenau’s range of kitchen appliances extends from ventilation systems, cooktops and ovens to wine storage systems and coffee machines. Their innovative appliances utilize the latest technologies and are manufactured to the highest standards of performance and craftsmanship.


Specialists in the freezer and refrigerator spectrum, Liebherr is a German brand that places high value on sustainable practices in innovative design.

Their product line is elegant, stylish and reliable, with long service life. Liebherr’s appliances are designed to be built-in or freestanding.

You can choose from a range of design options including single and double-door door refrigerators, side-by-side appliances and undercounter appliances.

Their innovative accessories allow you to customize any of their products to suit your individual needs. The latest cooling technology ensures that food remains fresh for longer periods of time.

Recognizing the blurring boundaries between kitchen and living space, Liebherr’s range of refrigerators and freezers are distinct in their wide range of color, material and finish options.


Induction Vs Gas Or Electric Cooking

A discussion on kitchen interior design would be incomplete without talking about cooking methods.

The science of cooking has steadily evolved over the years to ensure more even heating and reduced cooking time.

Induction technology is relatively new, but has already become a popular trend. Unlike gas or electric cooktops, induction cooktops do not use a separate heating element to transfer heat to the pot or pan.

Rather, heating elements are embedded below the cooking surface and heat cooking utensils directly. It is important to note that you do need to use iron or magnetic- based materials such as magnetic stainless steel when using induction cooktops.

This method has several advantages over conventional gas and electric cooking methods.

  • Induction cooktops are more energy efficient as they heat cooking utensils directly. Hence, you waste less heat as there is no external heating element.
  • Food cooks much faster than with conventional cooking methods.
  • Food cooks evenly through as the entire utensil is heated rather than just the part that is above a gas flame.
  • Since the amount of heat delivered to the cooking vessel is uniform, the risk of over cooking or under cooking food is greatly reduced.
  • The cooktop remains relatively cool after use. Therefore, spills and stains don’t damage it and are easy to clean up.

How Do I Get Induction Appliances Into My Kitchen

An induction cooktop is very similar to an electric range or a gas cooktop and many models use the same amperage as their conventional counterparts. Therefore, for kitchen upgrades, you can literally replace a conventional cooking range with an induction cooktop, making the transition to induction cooking hassle free.


Kitchen Worktops

Worktops make a huge difference to how a kitchen can look. They also have high demand placed on them.

They need to look consistently beautiful and resist stains, heat, spills and scratches.

There is a wide variety of countertop materials you can choose from.

Below we take a look at some of the newer materials that technology has made available to us and compare these with more traditional stone countertops.


Granite vs Quartz


Traditionally granite has been a popular choice for countertops owing to its hardness and resistance to staining.

It is a natural stone and is usually mined as large slabs. Since it is completely natural, no two slabs of granite are exactly the same. It comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Some people are drawn to the imperfections in granite, while others dislike it for this reason.

As it is a porous material, you will need to apply a sealant to your granite countertop once a year to keep it stain and water resistant. It is also more prone to chipping and cracking on impact than some of the more modern materials like quartz.

One of the greatest disadvantages of granite is that it is not available in monochromatic colors. Hence, it is not a popular choice for those that want an ultra modern, minimalist kitchen interior design.


With technological advancements, one of the more popular materials to emerge is Silestone.

Silestone is a man-made, specialty indoor surface material comprised of 90% quartz. It is available in a polished, textured and velvety soft finish that can complement any design style.

Silestone is also available in an endless choice of colors making it compatible with any home color palette.

The high quartz content makes this material extremely hard, resistant to staining and scratching and able to withstand impact. It does not require a sealant, making it very easy to maintain.

Its large format means that you can install it with fewer joints. This makes it seamless and modern in design.

It is available in a variety of colors including monotones, which has made it a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. For a minimalist look, you can integrate Silestone sinks into your countertop for a uniform, continuous look.

Quartz is prone to heat damage, so make sure you use heat pads on the countertop at all times.


Storage Options for Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Additional storage in the kitchen is always welcome. You can organize your kitchen with hidden storage to ensure that it is free of clutter.

Ease of accessibility is a priority when considering storage. It is also important to try and maximize the use of existing space, which is where newly fitted kitchens have a big advantage over remodelled ones.


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the heart of any kitchen. They are the defining style factor in your kitchen and set the tone for your kitchen.

Modern kitchens have a strong architectural element in cabinets.  When building your cabinets you have two design choices – framed and frameless cabinets.

Framed Cabinets

You can construct framed cabinets by using a rail and stiles to create a box. A frame, similar to a flat picture frame, is mounted on the face of the box to give the cabinet added depth.

These cabinets are generally sturdier, as the hinges are attached to the face of the frame. Opt for framed cabinets if you are going for a more classic look for your kitchen.


Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are more popular in modern, contemporary kitchens.

Unlike in framed cabinets, you attach the hinges to the sides of the cabinet box. Once installed, all you see is the flat cabinet door or drawer front, without any visible frame.

These cabinets have a more seamless look and tend to be larger because of the space you save by eliminating a face frame. They offer easier access to items as there is no middle stile supporting the cabinet.

There are a wide variety of storage options available for your kitchen. The type of storage you choose will depend on available space, the overall design of your kitchen and the types of items you are looking to store.

Pull out spice racks

These are narrow cabinets you can use to store spices. You can pull them out for easy access. They are great for skinny spaces that might otherwise go to waste.


Alternately, you can also fix racks on the doors of upper cabinets, although you may not find these as accessible as the pull-out option.

Pull-Out Shelf Slides

These are convenient for larger items such as cooking pots and pans, which you might otherwise find hard to reach. You can design pull-out shelf slides in lower cabinets for heavier items.


Sliding pantry with non slip baskets

Pull-out pantries are a great alternative to fixed pantries, where items stored at the back may be hard to reach.

You can slide out your pull-out pantries for easy access to all items, even those stored at the back. They usually have adjustable shelves, which are handy for storing items of different sizes.

Kitchen Cutlery Drawers

Nothing is more annoying than having to rummage around in a drawer filled with dumped kitchen cutlery, when you’re looking for one particular item.

Kitchen cutlery drawers are great for organizing and storing cutlery such as forks, spoons and assorted items such as whisks and mallets. Not only does your drawer look neater, but it is also convenient to find what you are looking for in an instant.

Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Corner spaces are the pet peeve of most homeowners. They’re often wasted spaces as they are dark and inaccessible.

With kitchen corner cabinets, you can convert these hard-to-reach corners into useful storage.

Pull-out blind corner storage solutions are a great option for storing kitchen items that you may or may not require on a regular basis. They literally convert every corner of your kitchen into usable space.



Lift-up Bifold And Roll-Up Doors

These unique cabinet solutions dress up the design of any kitchen.

Use lift-up bifold or roll -up doors for upper storage cabinets. They are also a handy design option when a conventional cabinet door swing might collide with an extraction hood or other design element.


Customized Storage For Pots And Pans

Because of their bulk and size, pots and pans are often the hardest kitchen items to store neatly and often end up in a messy pile hidden behind a cabinet door. However, you can easily organize and access those pots and pans that you use every day for your cooking by installing customized pull-out drawers specially designed for them.

Kitchen drawers are easier to access than cabinets. You can design a shallow shelf  for organizing your lids and detachable handles. This way, everything is at hand when you need it.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the most useful features you can include in your kitchen interior design, if space allows. They are multi-purpose surfaces.

You can use kitchen islands for a variety of functions including cooking, prepping, washing and storage. Decide what the main purpose of your kitchen island is before you begin to look at its aesthetics.


What To Consider When Including A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands have many advantages. You can use them for extra storage space, extra work space and even for dining. If you do plan on using it for dining, make sure to select chairs that are the correct height for comfortable seating.

You can also opt to split your kitchen island into two levels. Use the higher surface as a bar counter or for dining, and the lower one as a work space. This automatically makes your kitchen island more of a social space.

Since a kitchen island is frequently used as a work counter, make sure to integrate some power sockets into the design of the island. This will remove the need for extension cords or wires, which are a tripping hazard. For the island to be functional and comfortable, ensure clear space of 36 inches between the island and any adjacent counters of cabinets.

Finally, make sure to place your kitchen counter carefully, especially if you are  using it for cooking or washing. Follow the work triangle rule when placing your island.

This rule advocates that the refrigerator, cooking surface and washing area be placed opposite each other to form a triangle.  This maximizes efficiency of the work space and ensures that you can carry out tasks easily and quickly.


Modern, Traditional Or Something In Between?

To wrap up our post on kitchen interior design, it is necessary to talk about the style you want for your kitchen. There are many different styles you can opt for, but they basically fall into three categories – modern, traditional or a combination of the two.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are characterized by open space with clean, sleek profiles for cabinets, appliances and accessories.

They often include trendier, more contemporary man-made material combinations such as concrete, quartz and glass. You might opt for frameless cabinets in a lacquer finish for your modern kitchen as these have a clean, sleek look.

Modern kitchens might include a monochromatic color palette such as white, neutral beiges or greys. Alternatively contemporary kitchens might use a bold color palette for cabinets.

Modern, contemporary kitchens often include unconventional materials such as cork, rubber or bamboo flooring, all of which are eco-friendly products. These are non-slip and easy to maintain.

You could also opt for the contemporary look of concrete floors, which are hard to beat in modern kitchens.


Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens typically include more decorative elements such as moldings or corbels. They often feature natural materials such as stone or wood which are valued for their warmth and character.

There are a variety of traditional styles such as country, rustic or European style kitchens.

If you’re looking to go traditional with your kitchen, you might want to look at using rich woods such as walnut for cabinets combined with natural stone to emphasize the beauty of countertops and islands.

Traditional materials such as stone and wood are also popular flooring choices for classic kitchens. They complement the cabinetry and add a warm, welcoming vibe to the kitchen space.

Combination Kitchens

Most kitchens today are designed as a combination of the two styles. Combination kitchens often use natural materials such as wood with more modern materials such as concrete.

The idea is to balance between the minimalism of a modern kitchen and the embellishment of a traditional one to create a space that is more current and trendy.

You could opt for light colored painted cabinets or cabinets with a wood finish. Flooring could be light in color or darker wood, depending on the color palette for the rest of the kitchen space.

Whatever style you choose for your kitchen, it is important to match it with the style of your home for a coherent design vibe.

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