A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard addition. With the right pool design in your backyard, your pool can become the center of family life.

Whether it’s a barbecue by water or your children spending their day splashing away the heat, a swimming pool is a stunning, fun addition to your backyard.


A stunning swimming pool is not only fun and functional but also a strong visual focal point for your landscape.

Additionally, when pools include unique lighting, water features, stone accents and other stunning design features, your swimming pool can create a powerful influence on your outdoor living space.

Here are a few tips to create the perfect pool design.


Create a Recessed Lounge Area

Talk about an attention-grabbing addition to your pool design! In fact, a recessed lounge area lets your guests sit in the pool without getting wet.

This unique pool design feature lets you add a recessed seating area “inside” the pool so your guests can enjoy their pool even if they don’t want to get wet.


Pool Design with a View

If you have an amazing view, you need to make the most of it. Whenever possible, your pool design should take advantage of your view.

Consider adding steps to a raised seating area to allow your friends and family to enjoy the stunning views.

Not only will your friends and family be able to enjoy the fresh water, but they will also thank you for the view.


Night time Appeal

There is nothing quite like swimming under a starry sky. With the proper lighting, you can create an entire ambience dedicated to your nighttime dinners and entertaining. LED multicolored lights add enhanced color to the nighttime feel.

Consider adding a stone fireplace or firewall next to your pool for an additional natural element to take your pool design to the next level.


Cascading Waterfalls and Water Features

Adding water features to your swimming pool adds both elegance and excitement to your custom pool. Your choices of water features are endless. In fact, your choices are limited only by your imagination.

Very few things enhance the fun and excitement of your pool design like a custom water feature. With the right water feature, you inject new sounds, sights and excitement to your pool design.

From cascading waterfalls and pool gushers to swimming pool scuppers, natural rock walls, and stunning grottos, a custom water feature will take your pool design to the next level.


Natural Surroundings

When planning your pool design, it’s important to consider all the factors that may impact how your pool interacts with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, natural plants and greenery will enhance your pool design.

Adding natural rocks, beautiful flowering plants, and lush greenery will enhance your pool design. These natural elements will also help your pool to seamlessly blend in with your landscape to create a stunning, fluid outdoor space.


Zero-Edge Infinity Pools

When you are inside an infinity pool, the water appears to go over the edge, disappearing into the landscape. With an infinity pool, you don’t feel the traditional boundaries of a swimming pool.


You can even add custom glass tiles to surround the entire raised exterior of the pool. This added touch will enhance the visual effects of your zero-edge pool design. Not to mention, an infinity pool adds a dramatic element to any backyard.

When it comes to creating a custom pool design, the design experts at Milestone have the experience and professional design tools to create a one of a kind swimming pool to take your backyard to the next level.

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