Landscape Design

Overview of the Project

We took on the exterior refurbishment on behalf of the owner who was delighted with his new garden.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is an exclusive development of mansions, villas, and apartments with distinctive architectural styles and world-class amenities. The client’s villa is a modern home that sits on a large rectangular plot with a spacious backyard with a pool and large garden space.


MBR City Landscaping Project: Meydan District 1 Private Villa


Landscape Design





The Background

Although the pool and water feature were well designed, they were not emphasized, the finishing and material selection was mediocre and there were no cohesive elements to tie the various elements of the landscape together. The space was awkward and lacking flow, resulting in a very unhappy client.

The client found Milestone on the internet and within a week of meeting, we were selected to overhaul the existing landscape. Our task was to redesign the garden for effective space usage and maximize views from the house looking out onto the garden space.

Despite costing a lot of money, the existing landscape did not do justice to the available space. It was bland, poorly planned, and did not utilize or showcase the potential of the existing space. Furthermore, the client had some beautiful furniture imported from China, but there was no bar area or barbecue sit-out to properly utilize it in the landscape.

The Project


Against the rear wall, we designed a dining area with a buffet counter, relocated the existing swing-set to this area and provided separate seating with a firepit.

This is set against the backdrop of a mosaic sculpture wall, customized by Milestone with roots in Indonesia. Milestone worked in collaboration with mosaic artist Natasha Desai; the mosaic makes a striking backdrop for the outdoor furniture and offers a lovely view out from the interiors.


The existing Landscape Layout


Proposed Landscape Layout by Milestone


In line with the outdoor shower, a brightly lit water wall features the gentle sound of cascading water, creating a calming ambience.


The accents on the wall are brought into focus through the exquisite lighting, which brings the entire garden to life at night, making it a great space for entertaining.

The paving is porcelain tiles in a soothing blend of gray hues with a dash of oak and grey overtones around the pool area. This complements the mosaic colors used on the rear accent wall, hence tying the different elements of the landscape into one cohesive design.


To the right side of the property, conveniently located outside the kitchen, we designed a counter for the house help to cook pizzas and barbecue. The counter is covered by a shade structure and located such that all the messy preparation is kept outside the view of visitors and guests.

The pool is flanked by a simple shower area with concealed fittings; the white and black stones pick up on the colors of the accent wall.


The dining room opens out onto a new pergola that mimics the lines and style of the house. The pergola is completely waterproof and houses a cozy seating area.


Since the garden is large and spacious, we created several seating nooks, showcasing the beautiful furniture the clients procured from China. This creates several ‘wow’ moments in the garden and also helps to tie the various spaces together.






The landscaping was designed to be sustainable, easy to maintain and  reduce water consumption. Hence, the plant palette is a repeated combination of a few select perennials that are long-lasting through the year, add color and are easy to maintain.


Artificial grass is an environmentally-friendly option to water-thirsty grass and helps keep the water bills manageable.

The Result

Through creative use of materials, colors and effective space planning, we transformed the home into a luxury property that the client can take pride in and enjoys coming home to. The space was restructured to flow smoothly and we created several moments in the garden that are dramatic and add that ‘wow’ factor the client was looking for.

As the clients tend to travel a lot and spend much of their time abroad in Angola and Portugal, we designed the garden to be low maintenance without compromising on its beauty. Whenever they are in Dubai, the clients love coming back to their home and spending their time relaxing in their redesigned outdoor space.

At Milestone we are experienced at listening to the needs and wants of our clients and taking into account their lifestyle when designing their space. Our expertise lies in interpreting and converting this into a viable design that will stay looking good for many years to come.

If you are looking to design your home and exteriors please give us a call and a member of our design team will set up an initial consultation to get the process started. We look forward to hearing from you.