Interior and Landscape Design

Overview of the project

This Meadows villa interior and landscaping project is an upgrade to an existing property that the clients inherited when they moved from their Springs villa.

The design was customized to suit the lifestyle and needs of a client who is artistically inclined herself.

The existing villa landscape already had some eye-catching features and Milestone was retained to enhance these into dazzling focal points..


Meadows Villa Interior and Landscaping Project


Landscape & Interior Design





The Background

Much of the interiors was completely altered as the existing Meadows villas are over 50 years old


The upgraded landscape has a minimalist vibe with a selective plant palette and neutral hardscape tones to bring out the vibrant blue of the pool water.

We focused on the pool surrounds and enhancing these to bring out the natural beauty of the existing pool. The landscape walls were left unadorned and the plant palette consists of a handful of repeated plants in keeping with the minimalist style.


Milestone demolished the old existing pergola, which was awkwardly attached to the house. It provided no visual enhancement, but rather detracted from the lines of the house.


The dining room opens out onto a new pergola that mimics the lines and style of the house. The pergola is completely waterproof and houses a cozy seating area.


Another area of the villa that underwent a complete rehaul is the kitchen. The old finishes were outdated and did not add any life to a potentially beautiful space.

Milestone saw the potential in the kitchen and we livened it up with a fresh coat of paint on the door and cabinets, new granite countertops and a new island in the center of the space. More shelving and cabinets were added to customize the space for the client’s needs.

Blue-grey mosaic cladding for the backsplash contrasts with the light walls and floors, breathing new life into this bright, airy kitchen.


We changed out all the powder rooms and bathrooms throughout the house; one powder room on the lower level and three bathrooms on the upper level.


Porcelain tiles in neutral colors give the compact powder room and bathrooms a light, airy feeling while complementing the neutral color palette of the rest of the house. The look is modern and contemporary with sleek finishing and detailing.


The new pergola, on the other hand, is like an extension of the house and is conveniently located right outside the living and dining room. Raised at a height of 30cm above the existing grade, it serves as an outdoor room covered from above and semi-open on one side.

Its clean lines and neat finishing complement the lines of the house, adding functional and visual beauty to the rear garden.

Just upgrading this one element made a huge difference to the look and feel of the backyard emphasizing the importance of attention to detail.


The covered pergola comprises a generous seating arrangement as well as an outdoor bar area located right outside the kitchen area. The bar is clad in porcelain and serves as a great area for conversation and entertainment.

Lighting sets the mood at night, creating a warmth that makes this spot on the property ideal for entertaining guests or simply enjoying an Al Fresco dinner outdoors.

Warm, wood-finish flooring adds to the mellow vibe, making the pergola stand out from its surroundings.


The lighting proved to be quite a challenge as many rooms had just one central light point in the center of the ceiling. We worked around this problem by installing gypsum bulkhead ceilings to create a reflected lighting plan with dimmable spotlights for a welcoming mood.

The living room was furnished with dark leather couches and area rugs to create an inviting space for friends and family. A niche in the corner was strategically utilized to house a flat-screen TV, which fit in perfectly.

Although not the focal point of this space, the TV is often utilized by Jignesh, who was a professional cricket player and played in the Ranji Trophy early on in his career.

He is now an avid golfer and has won a number of awards and trophies both during his cricketing career as well as in Golfing tournaments. He, therefore, loves his sports and we wanted to create a comfortable, cozy space in which he could indulge in his passion for sports.



We also provided additional shelving by the newly refurbished bar for Jignesh to celebrate his achievements. We gave the bar a fresh makeover with a new granite countertop, wood-finish cladding, and concealed lighting.

Customizing the design down to the smallest details, Milestone designed niches and shelving above the TV area as displays for his trophies.

This warm niche adjacent to the living room is yet another great spot in the house for stimulating conversation.

Dipali is a wonderfully creative artist and with her creative input, we utilized the walls as a canvas for showcasing her paintings.

These paintings transform the rooms into dynamic spaces by adding color and vibrancy. They also add a personalized touch that makes this house her home.


On the upper levels, the bedrooms were given a makeover with new flooring, furnishings, and woodwork.


All the woodwork, lighting, and space planning were done by Milestone, who could visualize the space and blend functionality with aesthetics without compromising on either.

The Result

This Meadows villa interior and landscaping project is a reflection of the clients’ personalities, their aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle.

Milestone took an ordinary villa and altered it to suit the specific requirements of its owners. The attention to detail is what transforms this villa into a source of pride and joy for its owners.

Colors, material finishes and lighting work together to create warm, welcoming spaces that are perfectly suited to entertain or just relax. Milestone studied the client brief in detail and tailored the design to suit their client.

Dipali and Jignesh love their new home and we are delighted that we could relay their ideas into reality.

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