Landscaping Upgrade

Overview of the project

This Mirdif villa exterior landscaping upgrade is an overhaul of an unimpressive existing garden with poor space planning and aesthetic impact.

Our client contacted Milestone through the internet and gave us the challenge of taking a mediocre garden and transforming it into an elegant outdoor entertainment space. He asked for a drastic change to the front yard, which comprised an existing car park. The car park shade was an eyesore that detracted from the sharp lines of the villa and was situated near a poorly designed pergola.


Mirdif Villa Exterior Landscaping Upgrade


Landscape Design Upgrade





The Background

This pergola was too small to be of much use and was situated right next to the car park shade, rendering it virtually unusable. The entrance was bland and had no ‘wow’ factor to impress guests or visitors.

Milestone took up the challenge and we came up with a flexible design that allowed the space to be used for multiple purposes. The design was completed from start to finish with a turnaround of 67 days, our quickest installation time for any project to date.


The new landscape is designed with a modern vibe, showcasing strong, clean lines that complement those of the house. Milestone built a spacious pergola, measuring 9 x 4m that is the focal point of the garden.

The new pergola serves as an outdoor room rather than a design afterthought. It houses a generous seating area and a dining table enclosed by elegant lantern walls interspersed with beautiful CNC cut screens.

These lantern walls are easily operable by a single switch which turns on the lanterns, making this a magical space for outdoor poolside entertaining. The lighting is exquisite and brings this area to life at night.


Although the original pool looked dated, the client wanted to retain it, so we upgraded the existing water feature to a new minimalist one with straight lines to mirror the property line walls. Three gently cascading water spouts make a serene sound as they spill into the pool, tying the water feature to the pool.


This contemporary feature is beautifully lit with hidden light sources that create a warm glow. It is visible as soon as you enter the gate offering visitors a welcoming vibe.

To marry the curves of the pool into a modern design aesthetic, we mirrored the curve in the walkway, blending the curves seamlessly into a contemporary design vibe.


Adjacent to the pool and seating area, we also designed a barbecue area with a built-in grill and bucket sink. The client has given us feedback that cooking in this space is a pleasure and that the well-thought-out placement of the barbecue counter makes serving guests and family very convenient.



The pergola and adjacent barbecue area are used very often and the client enjoys sitting there with a shisha, entertaining family and friends.


As the parking bay is a visible part of the garden, Milestone worked on a design that would work well with the rest of the garden.


We maintained the clean, modern vibe by upgrading the car park shade with proper lighting and adding wall paneling and lighting that is continued throughout the garden for a unified effect.

Wood paneling with inlaid metal screens hides the service areas from view and maintains the flow of the design.

Neutral-toned beige travertine flooring ties the whole garden together and is in keeping with the minimalist design intent.


When the client wants to entertain larger groups of people, the flexibility in the design allows for this car park bay to be converted into a catering corner. He simply moves the cars out and the caterers set up their service counters here.

The parking bay is screened from the rest of the garden by a fragrant Murraya Jasmine hedge.


Large, potted olive bonsai trees line the path from the parking bay to the house. Although these can be quite high maintenance, the client was happy to include these in his garden because of their high aesthetic appeal.


The plant palette comprises evergreen perennials punctuated with lovely featured potted plants that add a glamor quotient to the garden.


The garden design is kept simple, with open grass areas flanking a pathway that leads straight up to the main entrance. A pair of large candle-like light features frame the entrance and create a warm inviting glow and to make the entrance stand out.

Featured plants in big pots are dotted all around the garden for added visual impact.


The complete look is classy, yet warm and welcoming, making this Mirdif villa exterior landscaping upgrade a realization of the client’s dreams.

We listened to our client and customized a design that would fulfill his needs without compromising on beauty or functionality.

The Result

Our client is extremely pleased with the transformation of his garden. He loves sitting in the garden and relaxing with his shisha and also enjoys the flexibility of the space.

With a few modifications, his garden can transform into the perfect entertainment hub, with many beautifully lit features that are great conversation starters and gathering points.

Milestone took a mundane garden and designed it to the exact requirements of our client. We worked around the challenges and came up with an aesthetically pleasing backyard that can be used for family time or enjoying with friends.

Colors, material finishes and lighting work together to tie the different zones of the garden together and breathe new life into an otherwise dead space.It is always a pleasure to watch how our designs transform the lives of our clients.

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